ahmedabad/baby chung

baby chung baby chung

a lidded porcelain drinking vessel with yellow engobe
and a deep blue cobalt glaze on the outside.
the inside has a clear glaze and the lid is polished, but unglazed

chung refers to the traditional chinese lidded teacup with handle,
used to infuse tea leaves directly in the drinking vessel,
with the lid skillfully positioned as a strainer while sipping.
I hybridized it with a double handled baby cup, morphing the spout into a knob.
the newly-wed customers may have seen a good omen in it.
as of the day of my visit to their home, they only had a quite large fish to feed,
whom they pronounced "a feng shui fish".
they kindly gifted me with a copy of "autobiography of a yogi",
which I later read on the beach