the loyal exports is a continuous project that takes place at irregular intervals
in different countries around the world.
it is laid out as an interdisciplinary cultural anthropology field trip
cum documentary and an economic intervention in the name of pottery.
a volume of ceramic work is taken on location and sold in an improvised
sale situation in public space.
the prices charged are only symbolic.
the aim is to stimulate the act of choosing and to empower ownership.
this represents the economic intervention part of the project.
the export of objects that were made in a high-wage country,
using expensive materials, for a token amount.
a reversal of the practice of importing goods that have been produced cheaply.
the work itself bears the cultural imprint of far eastern and european pottery,
contemporary art and sufi mysticism among other factors.
by means of this project it is exposed to cultural and socio-economic
circumstances it would not otherwise reach.
the photographic documentation of the objects in the homes of the customers
and of the specific situations on the ground are the main focus of this exploration.
click on the pictures of the ceramic works to see the respective series of images.
it is a gathering of insights into the way a set item is perceived under varying
conditions and the role it is assigned according to differing cultural conditioning
and personal taste.
the first episode occured in february 2015 in ahmedabad, india
and the second episode was performed in porto novo, benin in january 2016