ahmedabad/blue kairagi vase

blue kairagi vase blue kairagi vase

a vase made in two sections, neck and body have been thrown seperately
and assembled, then the piece was dipped in a blue engobe.
the white glaze consists of mostly reed ash with a little feldspar
and apple wood ash as a flux.
the crawling effect is the result of thick application and moderate underfiring

the accidential pattern in the glaze on this piece reverses the
blue-on-white type of decoration customary in many pottery traditions,
from ming dynasty china to iranian stoneware to delft faience.
the pot is now with an influential art dealer, who is also the custodian of
the amdavad ni gufa, the museum where the pop-up sale took place.
he placed a lotus flower from his personal pond in the vase and enlightened
me on his breeding plans for talking parrots