ahmedabad/coffee mug

coffee mug coffee mug

a wheel thrown cup with elongated handle,
h 7,5cm, l w/handle 16cm
it is made from a dark czech stoneware clay,
with a glaze containing only iron ore and wood ash.
at the height of the glaze firing (1220°C) it was pulled
from the kiln with tongs and rapidly cooled to room temperature.
this old japanese technique is called hikidashi guro

this mug shares a lot of characteristics with a tea ceremony bowl,
but shrunk to the size of a coffee cup with a boldly proportioned handle.
the textured surface provides a sensual experience for the lips,
which however was not to the liking of the customer´s daughter.
she tried it with milk, but then decided to make the mug into a lamp.
the glow that is created by the tiny illuminants strikingly brings back
the instant when the mug was pulled from the hot kiln at 1220°C