ahmedabad/crossed vase

crossed vase crossed vase

a porcelain vase with two coiled additions crossing the opening.
it has been dipped in green slip, a resist pattern from holding it with
three fingers can be seen on the lower portion of the body.
over the slip, a very thick coat of glaze has been applied.
in fact so thick that the glaze fell off in many places before firing
and contracted to disconnected patches where it remained

firing ceramics is always subject to chance.
more so when new clay and glaze combinations are tested.
in this case, a shape from the drawing board receives
unexpected enhancement from a reckless glaze experiment.
it was quickly spotted by a photographer´s eye and one of the
first pieces in the pop-up ceramics shop to leave for a new home.
the customer again proved his good sense with the untoppable
choice of foliage