ahmedabad/dark cracked slip cup

dark cracked slip cup dark cracked slip cup

a cup made from austrian stoneware clay
with coils attached around a flared rim.
several layers of a dark slip have been applied
and partially sanded away after an initial firing.
before the secondary firing the piece has been treated
with iron ore and the inside glazed with a mixture of
sand, ash and iron ore

an example of playfulness leading to a grave outcome.
this cup was conceived in a lighthearted moment,
then, with the addition of the cracked dark finish,
turned out resembling an ancient libation vessel.
a nice fit with the lady who bought it,
who is a sincere devotee to the hindu religion.
she inadvertently placed the cup near a bladeless fan
that resembles a yoni (sacred vagina), with an offering of flowers.
and she also served the most elaborate and substantial snacks
one can imagine, making me skip lunch