ahmedabad/faceted platinum habit tumbler

faceted platinum habit tumbler faceted platinum habit tumbler

a whiskey tumbler made from austrian stoneware clay.
it is wheel thrown, trimmed and faceted with a knife.
the whole piece is covered with a platinum overglaze.
it has a glossy platinum interior and a matt platinum exterior

this piece is connected to an encounter at a bar in chandigarh,
where the gentleman sitting next to me at the counter gave me a sad look,
pointed to his drink and said "it´s habit".
gujarat, where the tumbler was sold at the pop-up ceramics shop,
is officially a dry state, so I was curious to see what it would end up being used for.
the customer is a young artist. he originally wanted to use it as an ashtray,
but then his 5 year old son developed a liking for it and designated it
to be his personal water cup