ahmedabad/orange kairagi neti pot

orange kairagi neti pot orange kairagi neti pot

a pot with rounded base, inspired by simple indian earthenware crocks.
the tip of the elongated spout is supposed to be inserted into a nostril
to perform a thorough cleaning with the help of water.
presumably this will improve a person´s breathing.
the ceramic is made from austrian stoneware clay with an orange engobe
and a white glaze that crawls because of thick application and underfiring.
I decided to bring a different pot to the sale, due to size concerns, so
the piece seen in the following pictures is a slightly smaller, pink version

appearances can be deceiving.
this pot is meant for your conscientious nose rinse.
the shape is indian in origin, however, even there
most people are not familiar with it.
only sincere practitioners of yoga really utilise this tool.
the person who bought the blue kairagi vase was bent on
owning this piece too, but because each patron was allowed
only a single purchase, he hired a surrogate to acquire it.
the plan failed because the obstinate second gave it away
to a friend and it ended up on a shelf next to lord krishna on a swing