porto novo/copper cigarette rest

copper cigarette rest copper cigarette rest

a barbed square, symmetrical and distantly zoomorphic,
but also resembling a wire fence section.
space defining, self-supporting, auxiliary,
it is made from slim stoneware coils and triple fired.
unglazed but with a copper luster finish

this hand-rolled contraption for my shtick went to a strict non-smoker.
he was our trusted helper and guide in the documentation phase of the project,
making the appointments with the customers and efficiently locating everyone´s house. and he did take notes, so fittingly laid his bic stylo (pen) on the copper forks.
interestingly his personality corresponded with the virtues attributed to the ringed planet whose name he bears.
also in the same compound resided his mother, proprietess over the twin businesses of firewood shop and video game parlour, run out of the same premises