porto novo/my ass stool

I think I know why there are so many designer stools out there.
it´s a comparatively cheap thing to produce.
a chair is infinitely more useful, because one can actually sit on it for a lenght of time.
but also more expensive to make, with the bigger size, backrest and all.
so the stool seems to be the favorite shape for experiments.
my version incorporates some aspects of the "DIY" and "upcycling" trends, that are so fashionable nowadays. I hope that they are not already passé and I have missed the moment. there´s a wooden stick that becomes a leg and it has to be attached to the seat with screws.
the seat is 3d printed!
not by a semi-intelligent appliance, but by a beautiful female behind.
she sat on a soft slab of porcelain.
so this is a stool that has been designed by someone who usually sits on the floor (me). it´s intended for farmers and gardeners, because the single leg requires soft earth to be stuck into, preferably moist from rain or dew.
when I attempted to ram the stick into the dry ground of an african alley, it was really hard work. luckily the considerate customer provided detergent and a beautiful basin for me to wash my hands in