ahmedabad/pudding bowl/pudding bowl

many years ago in the city of junagadh, I joined a shia festival.
standing on the sidelines and watching the procession,
I ate the most delicious pudding while they administered lashes on themselves.
the scenery included a locally famous mosque or shrine
with supposedly shaking minarets, strangely deserted
and straight out of an episode of the addams family.
this bowl was purchased by a social worker and philantropist.
she is currently building a community center in a village near
ahmedabad and I promised to teach a pottery class there
once it is in operation

a porcelain bowl with a clear glaze made from
feldspar, reed ash and apple wood ash. Ø 11cm
the thick rim makes it comfortable to drink
hot beverages from it, so it can also be a coffee or tea bowl.
not more than absolutely necessary has been trimmed
away at the base to create the footring, leaving the natural
flow of the shape, as it is fashioned on the wheel, intact