porto novo/blue and pink cracked slip vase/blue and pink cracked slip vase

I like for things to have a singular purpose and design them accordingly.
it is ok to miss the mark, but at least not try to be two things at once.
this conviction was probably carried over from my stint with mysticism, where a clear focus helps to visualize an uncharted goal.
the motive for doing this project was a curiosity to explore whether this purpose is recognised and accepted by people in places with different cultural traditions from my own. I wanted to see how they would interpret my statement, whether it fit into a common system of archetypes and how it would fit and impact their lives.
a sincere interest in and affection for the human condition in all its manifestations is the basis for this interaction.
a very elaborate way of saying "how are you?".
the customer who bought this piece is just fine.
"I do a lot of sports at night", he boasted while showing us around his compound,
then disappeared to get the piece from his other house.
he returned with the pot and two bottles of beer.
at last here´s someone who will offer us a drink, I thought. but no, it was all for him.
I drink beer from this, he said, topped up the vase and almost drained it in one go

an entirely hand-built vessel, this vase was made with coils and paddled with a wooden bat. it´s a time consuming way of shaping, because several rows of coils have to be allowed to stiffen before work can continue. so the shape emerges over the course of about a week, with the final outcome still unsure at the onset.
after drying, the outside was coated with pink and blue slips. the piece underwent two high-temperature firings and is glazed only on the inside. the shape is inspired by a Zachary Buchner sculpture, but went off on it´s own trajectory